What Causes Dull Testicular Pain?


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Common causes of dull testicular pain are swelling of the scrotum, enlarged veins in the testicles, fluid in the testicles, testicle inflammation and kidney stones, says Healthline. Other causes include diabetic neuropathy, blood vessel inflammation, twisted testicles, and pulling up of a testicle inside the groin, notes Mayo Clinic.

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Testicles are the male reproductive glands in the scrotum. They are very sensitive, and minor injuries can cause them discomfort or pain. Sometimes, dull testicular pain arises from a problem in the abdomen and groin or a condition such as testicular torsion, characterized by a twisted testicle. This condition requires immediate medical care as it prevents a sufficient amount of blood from reaching the testicles, causing damage to the tissue, explains Healthline.

Dull testicular pain may also occur due to testicular cancer. This condition occurs when abnormal cells divide and grow uncontrollably in the testicles. It is mainly common among young men. Apart from this pain, testicular cancer may cause swelling and a heavy feeling in the scrotum, states WebMD.

The individual can treat symptoms of dull testicular pain at home by taking warm baths, using ice, wearing an athletic supporter, and placing a rolled towel under the scrotum to support the testicles. It is also advisable to empty the bladder completely when urinating and practice safe sex to prevent infections that may lead to dull testicular pain, according to Healthline.

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