What Causes Dry White Tongue?


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Dry white tongue causes include dehydration, drug side effects, environmental irritants, poor hygiene, tobacco or alcohol use, yeast infection, inflammation of the tongue, and consumption of spicy foods. People suffering from white tongue should drink plenty of water and try using a sea salt and water mixture as a rinse. Other items to try as remedies include glycerin, a soft natural substance that can soothe the tongue, and acidophilus, a probiotic that coats the tongue.

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Sufferers of white tongue commonly experience dry mouth as a side effect. Dry mouth often affects saliva production and produces discomfort. When home treatment of white tongue and dry mouth are ineffective, over-the-counter medications, such as OraCoat XyliMelts, are available for affected individuals, These medications are discs that adhere to the gums and teeth and slowly dissolve, releasing substances that lubricate the mouth.

White dry tongue occurs because the tongue becomes coated with bacteria, dead cells and other debris. While the condition is temporary and harmless most of the time, white tongue may indicate a more serious health problem. Sufferers should contact a doctor or dentist if their tongues hurt, the condition lasts more than a few weeks or they are otherwise concerned about the condition.

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