What Are the Causes of a Dropped Uterus?


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The causes of a dropped or prolapsed uterus include difficult vaginal births, the aging process, obesity that places strain on the pelvic muscles, and the weakening of pelvic tissues and muscles due to the loss of estrogen after menopause, states WebMD. A prolapsed uterus occurs when the pelvic muscles, ligaments or tissues that support the uterus become weak and place pressure on the vagina, reports the National Institute of Health.

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Some symptoms associated with a prolapsed uterus are urine leakage, a protrusion from the vagina, difficult bowel movements and pain in the back region, relates the Mayo Clinic. Some others can be vaginal discharge or bleeding. A prolapsed uterus that is severe or has troublesome symptoms can require treatment. For example, a moderate uterine prolapse can involve the cervix dropping through the vagina.

Treatment of this condition is dependent on the severity of the problem. For a mild uterine prolapse that does not cause bothersome symptoms, there may be no treatment needed, reports the Mayo Clinic. However, some women may use Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic tissues that support the uterus. When the uterine prolapse is more severe, a pessary may be placed in the vagina. When there is damage to the pelvic floor tissues, surgery may be necessary to repair this problem, according to the Mayo Clinic.

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