What Causes a Drop in Blood Sugar?


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A drop in blood sugar, also known as hypoglycemia, can be caused by certain medications, excessive alcohol consumption, critical illnesses such as liver or kidney disorders and an overproduction of insulin, according to Mayo Clinic. Low blood sugar levels may also be caused by certain foods or diets.

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What Causes a Drop in Blood Sugar?
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Diabetics who inject too much insulin into the body often experience low blood sugar, explains Healthline. In addition, when diabetics do not adhere to a strict diabetic food plan that balances carbohydrates, protein intake and healthy fats, low blood sugar can result. Excess physical activity that is not accompanied by balanced meals may also cause blood sugar levels to drop.

Individuals do not have to be diagnosed with diabetes to experience low blood sugar levels, according to Healthline. A tumor that produces excess insulin can cause a drop in blood sugar levels as well as hepatitis or kidney disorders. Low blood sugar levels are also caused by certain endocrine disorders such as adrenal gland deficiency.

Symptoms of low blood sugar often include headaches, irritability, sweating, weakness, trembling or anxiety, explains WebMD. Some patients become confused, dizzy and shaky. Excess hunger is also a sign of low blood sugar levels and some patients experience a racing pulse or pounding heart.

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