What Are Some Causes of Double Vision in Only One Eye?

Double vision in a single eye can be caused by cornea problems, lens problems and eye muscle problems, according to WebMD. Additionally, this problem may also occur when the brain fails to combine images from the eye due to damage of the nerves.

Cornea problems lead to the eye changing the incoming light form the object, making the person experience double vision, explains WebMD. These cornea problems can be due to infections of the eye cornea, dry cornea and injury to the cornea. If one eye is experiencing muscle problems, that eye has problems working as effectively as the good eye. This leads to double vision when gazing in the direction of the affected eye.

Muscle problems may be due to myasthenia gravis, a disease that leads to blockage of nerves that stimulate muscles inside and around the head. Additionally, Graves’ disease may also lead to double vision. This occurs when one image appears to form on top of the other, states WebMD. Brain problems may also lead to double vision as the brain converts the images into what is seen by a person. If the brain is not working properly, the images it is supposed to convert and combine are affected.