What Are Some of the Causes of Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome?


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Doctors do not know what causes cyclic vomiting syndrome as of 2015; however, overeating, physical exhaustion, anxiety, certain foods and eating right before bed are some of the factors that can trigger the condition, notes Mayo Clinic. People who can identify their triggers may be able to manage the syndrome better.

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People with cyclic vomiting syndrome tend to have episodes around the same time of day with similar levels of intensity and duration, states Mayo Clinic. In some patients these episodes last for hours, while in others they occur over the course of days with periods during which they are symptom-free. Those with cyclic vomiting syndrome may also experience diarrhea, sensitivity to light, fever, dizziness and abdominal pain. People with the condition who experience thirst, less urination, paleness and exhaustion should see their doctors, as these may be signs of life-threatening severe dehydration.

Cyclic vomiting syndrome may lead to complications such as injury to the esophagus due to the stomach acid that comes up with vomit, according to Mayo Clinic. People with the condition may also suffer from tooth decay, as stomach acid corrodes tooth enamel. Some research has indicated that marijuana use may be related to cyclic vomiting syndrome and that people with migraines may be at higher risk of developing the condition.

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