What Causes a Cut to Refuse to Stop Bleeding?


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Cuts that do not stop bleeding may be caused by hemophilia, which is a rare disorder that is characterized by the failure of the blood to clot effectively, according to Mayo Clinic. Hemophilia is a genetic disorder, and there is no cure for it as of 2015.

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The symptoms of hemophilia depend on the severity of the condition. When the clotting factor level is only mild, bleeding may occur only after trauma or surgical procedures. However, if it is severe, spontaneous bleeding can result. Symptoms of spontaneous bleeding include many deep or large bruises, excessive or unexplained bleeding after dental work, surgery, injuries or cuts, and unusual bleeding following vaccinations. Swelling, tightness or pain in the joints and blood in the stool or urine are also signs of hemophilia. Unknown nosebleeds and unexplained irritability in infants can also be symptoms.

The condition becomes an emergency if sudden warmth, swelling or pain occurs in the large joints, such as the shoulders, hips, elbows or knees, since this can indicate internal bleeding. Prolonged painful headaches, extreme fatigue, double vision, neck pain, repeated vomiting and bleeding from an injury can all be cause for a hemophiliac to seek out immediate emergency care at the local emergency room or another medical facility.

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