What Are Some Causes of Constant Vomiting in Children?

What Are Some Causes of Constant Vomiting in Children?

Causes of constant vomiting in children include food poisoning, viral infections, severe motion sickness and blocked intestines as a result of tumors and gallstones. High fever, coughing and abnormal muscular thickening in the intestines can also cause persistent vomiting in children, says Healthline.

Consistent vomiting is common in children with gastroenteritis, which occurs as a result of viral, bacterial or parasitic infection. Children with food allergies suffer consistent vomiting and other symptoms such as abdominal pain and nausea. Vomiting occurs within minutes of consuming offending food. Children who eat too much or have stress and anxiety sometimes vomit consistently. Ear infection, acid reflux and reaction to medicine also cause persistent vomiting in children, according to WebMD.

Children vomit to remove toxins from their body. Reflux is a common cause of vomiting in children under 1 year. The condition is benign and typically fades when infants reach 8 months, notes WebMD.

To prevent swine flu and influenza infections that cause consistent vomiting in children, keep children's hands clean, use alcohol-based hand rubs, use bleach to disinfect contaminated surfaces, and practice proper hygiene when cooking, serving and storing children's food, advises WebMD.

Give a vomiting child small amounts of water frequently, and keep the child away from strong odors and stuffy rooms, states WebMD.