What Are Some Causes of Constant Stomach Bloating?


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Common causes of constant stomach bloating include heartburn, weight gain, hormonal flux, certain medications, and an intolerance to food items or dairy products, explains Healthline. People also experience constant stomach bloating when consistently eating too fast, swallowing air or suffering from diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease and intestinal parasites.

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Serious health conditions, such as ovarian cancer, fluid in the abdominal cavity, celiac disease and pancreatic insufficiency, cause constant stomach bloating for some patients, according to Healthline. People who are bloated consistently may have obstructions in the small intestines or stomach or scarring of the stomach opening, which makes it difficult for the digestive tract to function normally, warns WebMD. A digestive tract that has impaired muscle function also causes constant bloating.

Constant abdominal bloating produces an uncomfortable feeling of being full along with swelling and tightness in the abdomen, notes Healthline. People may also experience frequent belching or burping, abdominal rumbling, excessive gas and pain.

People with constant abdominal bloating should avoid foods that cause excessive gas, which results in bloating, recommends WebMD. Lentils, beans, sweeteners and dairy products are difficult to digest and can promote bloating. People who eat vegetables and fruits that contain starches and sugars may also experience bloating and excessive gas.

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