What Are Causes of Constant Nausea?


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Persistent nausea, in which the sufferer either experiences consistent nausea with or without vomiting, can be caused by a number of illness and disorders. Once it is ruled out that the patient is not pregnant, which is signified by suffering from morning sickness or hormonal imbalance, or suffering from other known diseases that could be causing the nausea, such as a cancer patient going through chemotherapy, then the patient should seek medical help from a gastroenterologist, as the cause could be a related to a neuromuscular disorder of the stomach and can become serious.

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According to Kenneth Koch, M.D., Chief Gastroenterology at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, patients with unexplained and persistent nausea could be suffering from imbalances in how the stomach, a sophisticated muscular pump with a "pacemaker," contracts and operates. One disorder, called "electrical dysrhythmias," or "tachygastria," is a condition in which that "pacemaker" works to quickly. A second disorder, called "bradygastria," is a condition in which the "pacemaker" works too slowly. Yet another condition related to the stomach that could be causing persistent nausea is "gastroparesis," a disorder in which the stomach muscles are paralyzed. Those people who suffer from Type I or Type II diabetes are more likely to also suffer from one of those three conditions of the stomach, leading to chronic nausea. Treatment can include gastric pacemakers, medication and regimented dietary changes.

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