What Causes Clicking in the Ear?


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One cause of clicking in the ear is a eustachian tube blockage, according to MedicineNet. Tinnitus, which is usually a symptom of conditions such as hearing loss or ear injuries, can also cause clicking noises in the ear, as reported by Mayo Clinic.

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Symptoms of a eustachian tube blockage include ear fullness, noises in the ear and hearing loss. Poor balance can occasionally be associated with eustachian tube blockage, as noted by MedicineNet. Causes of this disorder include a cold, upper respiratory infection and allergies because tissue lining in the eustachian tube swells with these illnesses. Children are more likely to develop this blockage because of the shape of their tubes. Air pressure can cause pain and fullness in the ear in those with eustachian tube blockage.

People suffering from tinnitus hear ringing, buzzing and clicking noises. The two types of tinnitus are subjective and objective, explains Mayo Clinic. Only the person suffering from subjective tinnitus can hear it, and problems in the outer, inner or middle ear are usually the cause. A doctor can hear objective tinnitus during an examination, and muscle contractions, inner ear bone or blood vessel problems are usually the cause. Medications such as antibiotics, diuretics and certain antibiotics can cause or worsen tinnitus.

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