What Are Some Causes of Clavicular Pain?


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Clavicle pain is commonly caused by an injury directly to the bone such as a break or fracture. If the supporting structures around the clavicle are injured, this also causes pain in the clavicle area, according to HealthHype.com.

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Pain caused by an injury to the collar bone is felt when the arm moves in any way. For some people, a continuous ache manifests even when the arm is stationary, notes HealthHype.com. This is because the arm acts as a weight for the bone to hold. Common causes of fractures or ligament damage to the clavicle area include falling on the shoulder and car accidents.

Fractures and breaks are seen and felt in the chest. In some cases, the edges of the broken bone penetrate the skin and induce a compound injury, explains HealthHype.com. Compound injuries are hard to heal, which is why it is important to support a broken collar bone with a brace or figure-eight bandage before going to the hospital.

Ligament injuries near the clavicle take a long time to heal. The appropriate treatment needs to be administered, otherwise there is a risk for developing life-long disabilities, says HealthHype.com. It is also important to give the damage enough time to heal before doing any strenuous activity.

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