What Are Some Causes of Clavicle Pain?


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Fractures of the bone or damage to the ligament near the clavicle are the most common causes of clavicle pain, according to Health Hype. Less common causes of pain include arthritis in the clavicle, sternoclavicular joint dislocation, a tumor or an infection of the bone.

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What Are Some Causes of Clavicle Pain?
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A fracture of the clavicle can cause constant pain along the bone, notes Health Hype. Even if the pain is more frequent when a person uses his arm on the injured side, dull pain may also occur along the broken clavicle when the arm is at rest. People who suspect they have a broken clavicle should seek medical attention because an improperly set fracture can create jagged edges on the bone. These edges can irritate the skin over the bone and cause painful ulcers and infections. Improperly set bones can also cause dull pain at the fracture site or at the shoulder.

Injury to the acromioclavicular ligament can cause severe pain and may require surgery or extensive physical therapy, explains Health Hype. A mild sprain may only require a sling for two to three weeks and some rest to heal. Using a sling allows the ligament to rest but also helps prevent pain along the clavicle caused by the weight of the arm. Untreated ligament damage can cause permanent pain around the shoulder and clavicle.

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