What Are Some Causes of a Burning Feeling on the Bottom of the Feet?

Neuropathy is the most common cause of a burning feet sensation, but athlete's foot and peripheral artery disease are other possible culprits, according to WebMD. Conditions that can cause neuropathy in the feet include diabetes, alcohol abuse and chronic kidney disease. Lyme disease, amyloid polyneuropathy and heavy metal poisoning are all possible causes, as are inflammation of the blood vessels and Guillain-Barre syndrome.

In people with neuropathy, the nerve fibers are sending out pain signals even though there is no injury, and the burning sensation varies from mild to disabling, notes WebMD. Fungus causes athlete's foot, which is an infection of the skin that leads to the burning sensation. Poor circulation of the blood in people with peripheral artery disease causes pain and tingling sensations, in addition to burning. After having gastric bypass surgery, people may experience burning feet due to poor absorption of B vitamins.

When burning feet are not due to neuropathy or another identifiable cause, doctors may use an electromyography, a nerve conduction study, or blood or urine tests to try to diagnose the condition. In rare cases, doctors may also use a nerve biopsy, states WebMD. For people with burning feet due to neuropathy, treatment consists in pain management and preventing any further nerve damage. When neuropathy is due to diabetes, treatment focuses on stabilizing blood sugar levels through diet changes and medications.