What Causes Bumps on Your Gum?


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Bumps on the gums are commonly caused by canker sores, injuries, abscesses or infections, according to MedicineNet. Pregnant women may develop masses on their gums called pyogenic granulomas or granuloma gravidarums as a result of hormonal fluctuations. In rare cases, gum growths are caused by oral cancers or jaw tumors.

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It is important to have abnormal growths in the mouth inspected and diagnosed by a doctor or dentist, notes Merck Manuals. In some cases, it may be necessary to remove a lump with surgery. These growths can come back if the source of their irritation is not also treated. Persistent lumps are at risk of developing into atypical cells and forming cancer, but this is quite rare.

If a lump on the gums is painful and appears to be filled with pus, it is possible that the growth is a simple abscess, according to WebMD. They commonly stem from untreated cavities that experience an overgrowth of bacteria and develop into inflammatory infections. This type of activity is often linked to poor oral hygiene and a lack of frequent flossing or brushing. If left untreated, an abscess continues to grow and can spread into the jaw, causing a very painful infection. Abscesses must be tended to as soon as possible, and are most likely to require antibiotics for treatment.

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