What Are Some Causes of Bright Yellow Urine When Pregnant?


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Bright yellow urine usually indicates that a person is dehydrated or regularly takes vitamin supplements, according to Riverside Regional Hospital. If the urine is slightly darker or a more golden color, this indicates that the person is healthy but may be slightly dehydrated, reports Cleveland Clinic.

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Pregnancy may make urine appear a darker golden color because women need to drink more water when they are pregnant, according to The Bump. Healthy urine should be a pale straw color, which indicates that the patient is well-hydrated, notes Cleveland Clinic. Transparent yellow is also acceptable and indicates that the patient is normal.

Urine receives its color from urochrome, a pigment that ranges from a dark amber to a pale yellow, according to WebMD. If a patient notices that her urine has a different color than it usually does or that there is a funky smell to the urine, then the patient may need to visit a doctor for an examination. These two changes in urine can indicate a dinner of asparagus, but they could also signify cancer or an infection, notes WebMD. Pink or red urine may indicate that the patient has eaten rhubarb or beets, but it may also indicate kidney disease, urinary tract infections, prostate problems or a tumor, according to Cleveland Clinic.

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