What Causes Bone Spurs in Feet?


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Bone spurs in feet are caused primarily by joint damage from aging and osteoarthritis; however, bone spurs can also occur when people place too much stress and pressure on the ligaments in the feet, reports WebMD. This additional stress and pressure can then create bone spurs as the feet try to heal themselves.

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What Causes Bone Spurs in Feet?
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A prime example of this "stress and pressure" response can be seen in patients with plantar fasciitis according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Treatment for bone spurs depends on the reason for the bone spur. If the person was overweight and that led to the intense pressure on the foot and subsequently the bones, then the doctor will likely recommend weight loss opportunities as well as over-the-counter pain medications according to states Mayo Clinic.

If the person has bone spurs due to plantar fasciitis, then the doctor may recommend stretches and other at-home treatments that can help correct the problem in addition to the over-the-counter medications. When osteoarthritis is the culprit, the condition is treated with ways to maximize the amount of cushioning in between the joints. For the most severe cases, surgery is necessary to remove the bone spur so that it does not limit a person's mobility or damage nerves, notes Mayo Clinic.

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