What Are the Causes of Body Chills Without Fever?

Body chills without a fever often result after the patient has spent time in a cold environment, according to MedicineNet.com. In cases of the flu, body chills often appear as a symptom before fever does, notes Healthline. Both situations require careful attention and treatment.

Exposure to a cold environment to a degree that causes sustained chills has the potential to lead to hypothermia, a condition involving a lower body temperature at the core. Treating someone showing signs of hypothermia begins with placement into a warm environment and continues with the removal of any wet clothing. Replacing those items with dry blanket or towels starts the warming process. If warm water bottles are available, they belong on the armpits, abdomen and groin of the patient, as stated by MedicineNet.com.

With respect to the flu, another early symptom is body aches. Some patients mistakenly blame other conditions for body aches, such as a hard day at work or an intense exercise session. When body chills and aches happen at the same time, or within a few hours of each other, the onset of the flu is likely, even if fever has not presented yet. Persistent cough and gastrointestinal problems are other warning signs of the flu, reports Healthline.