What Are Some Causes of Bloody Urine and Back Pain?


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Causes of bloody urine include infections of the urinary tract, renal diseases and cancer, while causes of back pain include back muscle strain, arthritis and spinal disc herniation, according to Mayo Clinic. While bloody urine may also result from genetic conditions such as Alport syndrome and sickle cell anemia, back pain may occur as a result of skeletal defects such as scoliosis.

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Urinary tract infections are bacterial infections that result from growth of bacteria in the urinary bladder, causing blood in the urine, notes Mayo Clinic. Other than bloody urine, the infections may also cause persistent urination and burning sensation while urinating, among other symptoms. One kidney disease that may cause bloody urine is glomerulonephritis, a condition in which the filtration system of the kidney becomes inflamed. Examples of cancer that may result in bloody urine include prostate cancer and urinary bladder cancer.

Back muscle strain may occur when an individual lifts heavy weights persistently or moves his back rapidly, explains Mayo Clinic. The strain results in spasms in the back muscles, leading to pain. Arthritis may result in back pain by causing stenosis, which is the compression of the space that is located adjacent to the spinal cord. One form of back pain causing arthritis is osteoarthritis. Spinal disc herniation, on the other hand, causes back pain by exerting pressure on the spinal neurons.

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