What Are Some Causes for Blood in Women's Urine?


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Causes of blood in women's urine include urinary tract problems such as bladder cancer and kidney stones, as well as blood disorders such as hemophilia and thrombocytopenia, according to MedlinePlus. Blood that looks like it is coming from urine may actually come from the vagina in some cases, or may look like blood due to the ingestion of beets or other foods.

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Although bladder cancer is more prevalent in men, the number of women diagnosed with bladder cancer is increasing, notes the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network. African-American women are at an even greater risk for the disease, and often have more aggressive and advanced tumors than other men or women. The disease is often overlooked in women because the symptom of blood in the urine is often ignored or misdiagnosed. However, bladder cancer is manageable in most cases that are detected early.

Kidney stones are hard deposits of various sizes that form inside the kidneys, explains Women's Health Magazine. The deposits often do not cause symptoms, but may become trapped in the ureter, leading to symptoms such as extreme pain and bleeding from urinary tract walls. Once diagnosed, women with kidney stones are treated through medications, dietary changes, and medical procedures such as ureteroscopy and laser lithotripsy.

Certain bleeding disorders, such as hemophilia, are genetic diseases that cause symptoms in women who are carriers for the disease, according to the Hemophilia Federation of America. Women with bleeding disorders experience heavy menstrual periods in addition to general symptoms such as easy bruising and frequent nose bleeds. Bleeding disorders put women at risk for postpartum bleeding and anemia, and are treated with the help of hematologists and gynecologists.

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