What Are Some Causes of Blood in the Urine Accompanied by Pains in the Side?


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Some causes of blood in the urine with pains in the side are kidney infections and kidney stones, according to WebMD. Additional symptoms of kidney infections, also known as pyelonephritis, are fever and chills.

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Most kidney infections occur when bacteria from bladder infections travel from the bladder or urethra up to the kidneys, notes WebMD. Most kidney infections are treatable with antibiotics but can cause serious sickness without them. People may first experience symptoms of a urinary tract infection before the infection spreads to the kidneys. Nausea and vomiting, as well as cloudy or painful urination may accompany other symptoms of kidney infections. Those with diabetes or other immune system disorders may be more likely to contract pyelonephritis.

Kidney stone symptoms may not be present until the stone is moving within the kidney or passing through the ureter, states Mayo Clinic. Symptoms are severe pain that may be inconsistent, frequent urination and nausea or vomiting. Types of stones include calcium stones, struvite stones and uric acid stones. Family history, digestive diseases and a diet high in sodium all increase a person's risk for developing kidney stones. Small stones do not require extensive treatment, and drinking water and taking pain relievers or alpha blockers can help pass the stones.

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