What Causes Blood in Urine?


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Some of the causes of blood in urine include kidney cancer, internal injury, inflammation of the urethra, kidney failure, surgery, urinary tract infections and taxing activity. It may not be easy to determine the exact cause of blood in the urine, which is why it is prudent to contact a doctor as soon as possible, according to Mayo Clinic.

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What Causes Blood in Urine?
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Some of the most common causes of blood in the urine are urinary tract infections that are usually brought about by a bacteria. Other signs that may indicate urinary tract infection include strong odor from the urine, a painful sensation when urinating and a frequent desire to urinate.

When an individual undergoes certain procedures, he may end up experiencing blood in the urine. These procedures may include surgery, catheterization and kidney biopsy. These procedures affect the urinary tract in one way or another, which is why they may lead to blood stains in the urine.

If a tumor develops in the bladder or kidney, it is likely to cause inflammation or abnormal bleeding. Tumors in these areas are likely to cause blood stains in the urine.

People who engage in vigorous exercises are also likely to observe blood stains in the urine. This is mostly caused by too much strain and tear of tissues. To properly determine the cause and treatment of this condition, doctors may carry out various tests including ultrasound, CT scan and cystoscopy, according to WebMD.

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