What Are Some Causes of Blood Loss?

What Are Some Causes of Blood Loss?

Loss of blood may be caused by fibroids, hemorrhoids, menstrual complications, ulcers and injuries such as fractures, bruises and animal bites. Bleeding can occur internally or externally depending on the cause, notes MedlinePlus.

Blood loss can either be serious or mild, with the former requiring immediate medical attention. Blood loss can occur in just about any part of the body, notes Healthline. Internal bleeding often occurs when a blood vessel or internal organ is damaged, while external bleeding occurs when the skin is broken.

Injuries are a common cause of bleeding. People that engage in high impact commonly experience physical injuries that cause damage to the skin, resulting in mild bleeding. People involved in accidents may experience both internal and external bleeding, depending on the nature of the particular incident. If the impact from the accident is severe, internal organs or blood vessels may be damaged.

Nosebleeds are a common cause of blood loss. While they may be frightening, they are rarely serious. Individuals may experience nosebleeds due to picking of the nose, trauma on the outer part of the nose and irritation from a cold.

Medical conditions such as leukemia, hemophilia and liver disease may lead to internal bleeding. Other medical conditions associated with loss of blood include lung cancer, brain trauma, acute bronchitis, bowel obstruction and congestive heart failure.