What Causes Blood Blisters in the Mouth?

Injuries, bleeding disorders, oral ulcers, food allergies, nutritional deficiencies or other health issues can cause blood blisters in the mouth, according to HealthMedicineMagazine.com. These painful blisters can appear inside the cheek, on the gums or under the tongue, making it difficult to eat, speak or maintain oral hygiene.

Biting the inside of the cheek while eating or speaking is a common cause of blood blisters, as HealthMedicineMagazine.com indicates. This often happens when someone is eating too quickly or distracted during a meal.

Adverse reactions to prescription drugs can also trigger the development of oral blood blisters, suggests HealthMedicineMagazine.com. Food sensitivities, especially to citrus fruits, can also be a factor.

Lack of vitamin C or vitamin B12 can also cause oral blood blisters, as HealthMedicineMagazine.com notes. Alterations in diet may help eliminate blood blisters triggered by nutritional issues.

In older adults, blood blisters in the mouth may be an indication of angina bullosa haemorrhagia, especially if they appear under the tongue, according to HealthMedicineMagazine.com. In this condition, medium to large blood blisters develop. When they burst, they create open sores inside the mouth.

Immune thrombocytopenic purpura is a disorder in which the body attacks its own platelets. Blood blisters on the gums and lips can be a sign of this ailment, says Drugs.com. A blood platelet count can diagnose the disorder.