What Are Some Causes of Blisters on Toes?


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Friction from shoes rubbing against the feet commonly cause blisters on the feet and toes, according to WebMD. Toe burns from heat, electricity, chemicals and other irritants may cause blisters, or blisters can develop when the underlying blood vessel incurs damage due to forceful pinching of the skin.

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What Are Some Causes of Blisters on Toes?
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Bedbug bites can cause blisters anywhere on the body, including the toes, WebMD states. Contact dermatitis, which occurs when the skin experiences an allergic reaction to an environmental trigger, is another possible cause of blisters on the toes.

Doctors recommend leaving the blister intact and letting it heal naturally whenever possible, according to Mayo Clinic. When the blister interferes with walking and no medical assistance is available, a sterilized needle is effective for puncturing the blistering and draining the fluid.

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