What Are Some Causes of Bald Spots in Children?


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Causes of bald spots in children include interruption of hair life cycle, hair shaft trauma as a result of consistently pulling hair and alopecia areata that occurs when the immune system attacks healthy hair follicles. The ringworm tinea capitis also causes a fungal infection on hair, resulting in bald spots, according to Everyday Health.

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Tinea capitis symptoms include scaly, ring-like lesions on the scalp. This infection is contagious if it remains untreated. It also affects eyelashes and eyebrows. Tinea capitis is diagnosed using ultraviolet light and treated using antifungal medication and a special shampoo used over a period of eight weeks. Alopecia areata is a rare condition diagnosed by scalp examination. It is untreatable but managed by medication that stimulates hair growth. Alopecia areata causes bald spots to progress to total hair loss, states Everyday Health.

Trichotillomania is caused by consistent pulling, plucking and rubbing hair. It also causes hair to vary in length and is triggered by anxiety and stress. Counseling to handle the stressor helps a child stop pulling his own hair. Traction alopecia can also result in baldness. It is caused by tight braiding and tight ponytails that lead to loss of a child's hairline. A symptom of traction alopecia is inflamed hair follicles on the affected area, says WebMD.

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