What Causes Arthritis Flare-Ups?


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Infections and stress are known to cause flare ups with arthritis, explains WebMD. Some people with arthritis also claim that certain foods cause flare-ups, though this is not supported by research.

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Arthritis flare ups can occur in different ways for different people, so a person should take note of what he has been doing before it occurs, states WebMD. For instance, if a person has a big project at work, then a couple of days later has a flare-up of arthritis, it is likely that the flare-up is caused by stress. Once a person knows what may cause a flare-up, he can take action to avoid these stressful situations.

Other things that people can do to avoid flare-ups include moving at a slower pace, protecting the joints and taking medications correctly, according to WebMD. A person can protect the joints by keeping a healthy weight, taking advantage of adaptive items and using good body mechanics to lift objects. Wearing safety gear when engaging in physical activities and moving joints through their range of motion is also recommended. A person who takes arthritis medication can avoid arthritis flare-ups by taking that medication at the same time each day and not skipping doses.

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