What Causes Alli to Be Out of Stock?

What Causes Alli to Be Out of Stock?

The weight loss drug Alli was voluntarily recalled in 2014 after a handful of Alli products did not contain "authentic Alli capsules," according to a GlaxoSmithKline press release, In February 2015, the product started being released again on a staggered roll out with new, improved tamper-proof packaging.

Alli products were not tampered with in GlaxoSmithKline, or GSX, production facilities, according to the company's internal review. Any alterations to Alli capsules were made after the product was already shipped to retailers.

Although the weight loss pill is only available in small blue capsules, USA Today reported that consumers from seven states found pills of different shapes and colors. A spokesperson for GSX confirmed that many packages contained fake seals and rearranged labeling.

GSX gave e-commerce outlets preferential treatment during the 2015 re-launch, FiercePharma states. Before shipment to retail stores, Alli was available for purchase on DrugStore.com and for pre-order on Amazon.com. Given that pent-up demand made Alli the number one pre-order product during its first week on Amazon, any more recent stock issues are most likely tied to initial pre-order backlog.

As of May 2015, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration continues to investigate the Alli tampering incident and has requested the manufacturer's full cooperation.