What Are Some Causes of Adult Bedwetting?


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Causes of adult bed-wetting, or secondary enuresis, may include diabetes, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, urinary tract infection or neurological disorders, according to Mayo Clinic. Acute anxiety and other emotional problems may also cause bed-wetting in adulthood. Medical evaluation is necessary to determine the cause and establish a treatment plan.

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A doctor performs a thorough examination to investigate the cause of bed-wetting, notes the National Association for Incontinence. A typical appointment involves a physical exam, neurological evaluation, urinalysis and urine culture to determine the contents of the urine. More involved tests may include uroflowometry, which measures the amount and flow rate of urine, or post-void residual urine measurement, which requires an ultrasound to determine how much urine is left in the bladder after voiding.

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