What Are Some Causes of Aching Leg Pain?


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Causes of aching leg pain include sprains and strains, peripheral vascular disease, sciatica, deep vein thrombosis, and sports injuries, according Healthline. Other causes include spinal stenosis, multiple sclerosis, shin splints and fallen arches.

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Strenuous physical activities cause injuries that range from minor to severe sprains and strains, notes Healthline. The injuries occur at the joints connecting bone to bone, or bone to muscle, affecting ligaments, muscles and tendons. The individual feels the pain in the thigh, calf or groin.

Peripheral vascular diseases cause leg pain by narrowing blood vessels, such that plaque builds up inside them, reports Mayo Clinic. The growth of plaque inhibits sufficient supply of oxygen and blood to the arms and legs, potentially causing a clot that further restricts the arteries, thereby causing pain.

Sciatica is a nerve sensation that causes excruciating pain in the legs, buttocks and back, explains the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. An individual may also feel numbness and weakness resulting from an underlying injury to the nerve or areas that impact the nerve. Spinal injury, spinal nerve tumors and falling contribute to sciatica.

Musculoskeletal injuries that result from sporting activities can cause blunt trauma, fractures and dislocations, overuse injuries from strenuous sport, and acute soft tissue strains and sprains. Sports injuries to the leg include shin splints, stress fractures, popliteus tendinitis and hamstring strains, according to Medical News Today.

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