What Are Some Causes of Aching, Heavy Legs?

While varicose veins usually do not cause pain, some people may experience aching, heavy legs due to the condition, notes Mayo Clinic. Painful legs and feelings of heaviness may also be symptoms of multiple sclerosis, according to WebMD.

Varicose veins generally affect the legs and feet and occur when the veins become enlarged and gnarled, states Mayo Clinic. While the effects of varicose veins are primarily cosmetic, some people with the condition suffer from pain and discomfort and may have a higher risk of other problems related to the circulatory system. Along with aching and heaviness, people with varicose veins may experience muscle cramping, leg swelling and pain that gets worse after long periods of sitting or standing. Exercise, leg elevation and compression stocking can help ease the symptoms of varicose veins and prevent them from worsening.

Pain and a feeling of heaviness in the legs may be an indication that a patient is suffering from multiple sclerosis, a disease of the central nervous system that causes destruction of the myelin around nerves, notes WebMD. When myelin is damaged, the brain and spinal cord do not communicate properly with the rest of the nervous system. While some people suffer from only minor symptoms of multiple sclerosis, others become severely disabled due to the disease.