What Are Some Causes of Aching Feet?


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Causes for aching feet range from such simple factors as age, obesity and overuse, while more serious problems can include sprains, fractures and plantar warts, according to Foot Vitals. The treatment protocol that a doctor chooses depends on the underlying condition.

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What Are Some Causes of Aching Feet?
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The signs of sore feet include redness, inflammation, tenderness when touched and pain that spreads to other parts of the body, such as the back, hips, knees or ankle. These signs exist in addition to the aches in the feet. As people age, wear and tear cause aches and pains at different places throughout the body. Obesity adds to the load that the feet have to carry around, making aches more likely. Strains in muscles and ligaments, either from overuse or a one-time injury, contribute to the pain as well, notes Foot Vitals.

At times, more significant conditions cause aches and pains in the feet, and these conditions require a more invasive medical response. A fractured foot may require casting and surgery, depending on the severity. Plantar warts, gout, diabetes, tarsal tunnel syndrome and bone tumors are just some of the causes for foot pain that necessitate more of a response. People suffering from chronic foot pain who have tried remedies that apply to the simpler causes, such as losing weight and buying shoes that fit properly, should seek medical attention, notes Foot Vitals.

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