What Is the Cause of Urinary Odor?


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Typical causes of urinary odor include dehydration, diabetes, urinary tract infections and eating certain foods such as asparagus, according to Healthline. If the odor results from urinary tract infections, the patient may experience a burning sensation during urination, and the urine can appear bloody or cloudy, notes MedicineNet.

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What Is the Cause of Urinary Odor?
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A urinary odor is related to the concentration and volume of the substances excreted by the kidneys. Highly concentrated urine means the urine contains little water but a high level of waste products, states Mayo Clinic. Dehydration can cause the urine to smell like ammonia and turn orange or dark yellow. Patients may experience symptoms such as confusion and fatigue, and they should drink more fluids, particularly water, or seek medical attention in case of severe dehydration, explains Healthline.

Sweet-smelling urine is an indication of a high blood sugar level, a condition common in individuals with diabetes. Additionally, the presence of bacteria in the urine causes urinary tract infections, resulting in a burning sensation and a strong urine smell, according to Healthline.

Eating asparagus can also cause urinary odor due to the breakdown of methyl mercaptan, a sulfur compound also found in garlic, notes WebMD. A urinary odor can also indicate conditions such as high levels of ketones in the body, an inability to convert food into energy and an abnormal connection between the bladder and the intestines, says Mayo Clinic.

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