What Is the Cause of Ulnar Nerve Pain?

What Is the Cause of Ulnar Nerve Pain?

Ulnar nerve pain is caused by damage to the ulnar nerve, which connects the shoulder and the hand, reports Healthgrades. The ulnar nerve is responsible for transmitting signals between the brain and the hands. The signals bring about motion and feeling in the hand and the forearm. Pain in the ulnar nerve cuts communication and thus restricts motion and feeling in both the hand and the forearm.

Symptoms of ulnar nerve pain or injury start around the little finger and ring finger. The pain is caused by pressure, trauma or illness. Sometimes ulnar injuries or pain occurs without any known cause, says Healthgrades.

Entrapment is the most common cause of injury to the delicate ulnar nerve, according to Healthgrades. This happens when the nerve is compressed. Compression may occur due to bone damage such as an elbow fracture, swelling of soft body tissue or an external pressure from certain positions or repeated activities.

The treatment of ulnar nerve pain depends on the cause and seriousness of the injury. A doctor may recommend either surgical or nonsurgical treatment methods. The aim of any treatment is to help relieve the symptoms of ulnar nerve pain, as well as correct the underlying cause whenever possible, notes Healthgrades.

Seek prompt medical attention after seeing symptoms such as severe headache and abnormal sensation around the ulnar nerve, Healthgrades explains. Weakness of the arm on one side of the body is another serious symptom not to overlook. Consider seeking specialized or advanced treatment if the symptoms persist even when normal treatment is underway.