What Is the Cause of Puffy Face in the Morning?


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Gary Wickman explains on Health Guidance that a puffy face in the morning is often a normal occurrence and does not typically signify any serious medical condition, although there are various potential causes, such as insect bite, allergic reaction and drug reaction. Trauma, infection and lack of sodium in the diet are also possible causes.

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What Is the Cause of Puffy Face in the Morning?
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Trauma or injury to the face, such as injury caused by dental procedures, can cause swelling, explains Wickman. Moreover, swelling is also caused by infections, such as orbital cellulitis, which can be dangerous and must be checked by a health professional. Lack of salt in the diet causes puffiness, as it leads to water retention.

Wickman says that there are several possible explanations why a person experiences puffiness mostly in the morning. For example, lying down all night allows fluids to pool in the face instead of being drained by gravity when standing up most of the time. Another likely reason is allergy, such as allergy to the pillow case, bed sheets or detergent used in washing these fabrics.

Wickman advises peolple to check for pain around the region that swells, if the puffiness persists. If it is not caused by an injury, it could be a result of infection, which is often accompanied by symptoms such as fever, lethargy and discoloration. When swelling in the hands and feet and blood in the urine also occur, there is a possibility of kidney disease.

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