What Is the Cause of a Headache That Occurs Every Day?


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The exact cause of daily headaches is unknown, but some people may have a heightened response to pain, or the brain may not be suppressing pain signals, according to Mayo Clinic. Daily headaches may also actually be rebound headaches, which occur in those who take pain medications frequently.

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Stress, poor sleep and caffeine also increase the risk of chronic daily headaches, according to the American Headache Society. To reduce the frequency of these headaches, patients should avoid using headache medications more than two days a week. Some patients also benefit from eliminating caffeinated foods and beverages from their diet.

People with daily headaches may also experience depression, anxiety and other physical problems, according to the Mayo Clinic. Those who experience more than two headaches per week or take pain relievers almost every day should see a physician to rule out serious underlying conditions.

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