How Does the Cause of a Bladder Infection Affect Which Treatment Is Used?


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Bladder infections are treated with antibiotics. The factors a doctor considers in selecting an antibiotic include the patient's history of similar infections and the seriousness of the infection, according to MedicineNet. A doctor also considers a patient's gender, age, allergies and general medical profile in deciding what antibiotics to prescribe.

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Treating a bladder infection sometimes involves lifestyle changes in addition to prescription medications, notes Healthline. Drinking more water dilutes urine and flushes bacteria out of the bladder. Urinating more often decreases the risk of bacteria growth. Bacteria grow in warm, moist areas, so dressing in loose clothing made of materials that promote air circulation is important in treating a bladder infection. Cranberries, in the form of tablets and juice, are an alternative, traditional approach to treating bladder infections, and medical research has shown that women with recurring infections may benefit from cranberries.

A bladder infection sometimes causes an aching sensation in the abdomen. One way to treat this is with heat, says Healthline. Applying a warm compress or a heating pad to the affected area may offer some relief. Most bladder infections are not serious, and sometimes a few simple changes in lifestyle are enough to clear them up. As of 2015, medical research suggests a vaccine may be able to prevent bladder infections, but until such a vaccine is available, antibiotics are the standard treatment.

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