How Do You Catch Your Spouse Cheating?


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Some ways to catch a cheating spouse include using smart phone applications that track phone contacts for numbers that called the spouse outside of business hours or searching for unexplained parking or hotel receipts or emails that do not make sense to the other spouse. Additionally, visual surveillance is a way to catch a cheating spouse because it produces direct, visual evidence of infidelity.

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Because most cheaters use their cell phone to help them cheat, a way to catch a cheating spouse is to check the spouse's phone history. Applications such as maps or satellite services track a phone's movements. By looking through a phone's movement history, a person can tell if a spouse traveled to an unusual location. Reviewing a spouse's credit card statements can alert the other spouse to unusual spending habits. Using the spouse's phone to check the phone's auto-correct features for unusual names is another way to catch a cheating spouse.

Additionally, a way to catch a cheating spouse is to check online reviews that the spouse posted. If the spouse posted a review about a restaurant or hotel that the other spouse did not patronize, it could be evidence of a cheating spouse. Another way to catch a cheating spouse is to make surprise visits to the spouse's office, or to announce a late night at work only to arrive home early and see where the spouse is and what the spouse is doing. Forensic identity tests can also provide biological evidence of a spouse's infidelity.

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