How Do You Catch Hepatitis C Genotype 3?


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Hepatitis C is transmitted through blood, and infection most commonly occurs through intravenous drug use, according to Hepatitis Central. People can also contract hepatitis C from sexual contact, being born to a mother with hepatitis C or from tattoos and body piercings. Hepatitis C comes in six different genotypes, and hepatitis C genotype 3 is made up of six further quasi species labeled 3a through 3f.

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How Do You Catch Hepatitis C Genotype 3?
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Prior to the early 1990s, people could contract hepatitis C through blood transfusions and organ transplants, says Hepatitis Central. Effective testing for hepatitis C in donated blood products was not available until July 1992, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Hepatitis C is a serious disease, and between 1 and 5 percent of patients die from disease complications, says the CDC. Having one genotype of hepatitis C does not prevent a patient from contracting a different genotype of the disease, but infection with multiple genotypes is rare.

Hepatitis C genotype 3 is the most difficult of the six hepatitis C genotypes to treat, according to PubMed.gov. Genotype 3 is unique among hepatitis C genotypes in that it causes insulin resistance and changes in a patient's metabolism, and it progresses to liver disease more rapidly than other genotypes. However, genotype 3 responds favorably to alpha interferon and ribavirin therapies in comparison to genotype 1, according to Hepatitis Central.

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