How Does Cataract Surgery Affect Your Long-Term Vision?


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Cataract surgery has a 90 percent success rate improving vision long-term, according to the National Eye Institute. During surgery, the cloudy lens that is causing vision problems is removed and replaced with an artificial lens. This corrects problems such as cloudy and blurry vision, double vision and fading of color.

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Cataract surgery also corrects glare, poor night vision, and the need for frequent prescription changes of glasses, notes the National Eye Institute. Cataract surgery should only be done when the cataract is advanced enough that it interferes or causes problems with daily activities. Cataract surgery is one of the most common surgeries in the United States, but it does pose a small risk of infection and retinal detachment. Even with these risks, cataract surgery is considered one of the safest types of surgery.

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