Is Cataract Eye Surgery Dangerous?


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Complications from cataract surgery are uncommon, and doctors can often treat them after the surgery, according to Mayo Clinic. Complications such as retinal detachment, infection or secondary cataracts can result in loss of vision.

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Approximately one in every 3,000 patients undergoing cataract surgery develops an eye infection known as endophthalmitis, according to Vincent J. Patalano II, M.D., writing in the Digital Journal of Epidemiology. Approximately 1.5 patients out of every 100 undergo a retinal detachment, where the light-receptive tissue forming the back of the eye detaches from the interior of the eye. Both of these complications can cause permanent loss of vision, but doctors can treat both infection and retinal detachment to mitigate harm if they occur after a cataract surgery procedure.

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