How Do You Care for Toenails After Removal?

After toenail removal, follow care instructions from the doctor and take any prescribed antibiotics and fungal treatments, explains Take pain medication on a regular schedule instead of waiting until the pain becomes severe. Also, keep the foot elevated to prevent swelling until the area heals completely.

As the toe heals, practice proper wound care by using bandages to protect the toe to keep it clean and dry, states After resuming bathing with the doctor's permission, clean the toe gently with soap and water. Then, dry the area and apply a clean bandage.

If the toe pain increases or you have a fever, do not hesitate to contact your primary care physician, advises Blood that soaks through the bandage, the presence of pus or shortness of breath merits a trip to the emergency room. If the skin on the foot or toes becomes black, blue or white, also contact a doctor, recommends Mount Sinai Hospital.

Wait approximately two weeks to allow the toe to heal before running, according to Mount Sinai Hospital. While the foot heals, wear cotton socks and shoes with plenty of room in the toe box. Full healing should only last two to three weeks. If the doctor removed the toenail permanently, the toe creates a tough skin in place of the nail. To prevent further problems with ingrown nails, avoid wearing high heels or ill-fitting shoes. Also trim nails straight across to prevent the edges of the nails from digging into the toe.