What Are Some Care Tips for People With Dementia?


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Good tips for caring for people with early-stage dementia include providing cues and reminders; encouraging them to live independently while possible; helping them remain organized through shared calendars, notes and schedules; and creating a regular routine, recommends the Alzheimer's Association. Provide emotional support by allowing an Alzheimer's patient to share thoughts and emotions and helping him find a local support group.

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During the early stages of an individual's Alzheimer's disease, help him keep track of appointments; monitor medication intake; remember words, names and places; and perform common tasks, advises the Alzheimer's Association. Inspire him to continue doing his favorite hobbies and activities and to spend time with family members and close friends.

Plan for the future by discussing important issues, especially financial, legal and medical topics, suggests the Alzheimer's Association. Contact a support group for yourself and the patient to meet people with similar situations and access valuable information.

During the middle stages of the disease, when brain damage affects a patient's communication skills and ability to carry out daily activities, answer in a calm manner when replying to repetitive questions, offer reassurance, and write simple reminders if the patient is still able to read, according to the Alzheimer's Association. Speak slowly and gently, and come up with meaningful activities, such as preparing simple dishes, gardening or strolling in the garden. Consult a doctor immediately if noticeable changes occur.

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