What Are Some Care Plans for People With Dementia?

People with dementia require daily care plans that include medications that may help improve mood, behavior and mental function, support and counseling to cope with anxiety, fear and anger and activities to maintain independence with daily tasks, explains WebMD. A daily care plan includes coordinating schedules for household chores, personal bathing and hygiene care, meals and physical and social activities, according to the Alzheimer's Association.

Daily care plans for people with dementia should incorporate activities to boost mental function and stimulate physical activity such as exercise, music, art, crafts and reading, explains the Alzheimer's Association. Patients may also choose to incorporate spiritual activities into daily care. Caregivers can create a schedule that is consistent each day that outlines when the patient awakes, naps, attends social activities and exercises.

Caregivers should consider the patient's abilities, interests, likes and dislikes when compiling a daily care plan and schedule, suggests the Alzheimer's Association. The patient's typical structure and routine should be closely related to how the patient used to structure the day before the illness was present. Caregivers should consider what times of the day the patient performs best and arrange ample time for dressing, bathing and meals. People with dementia often experience sleep issues, so it is important to construct a consistent sleep schedule to reduce the risk of sundowning or sleep problems.