How Do You Care for a Partial Denture?

Partial dentures must be cleaned daily and handled with care to prevent damage. It is also necessary to keep a partial moist so it does not dry out.

Just like natural teeth, partial dentures require regular cleaning with a soft-bristled brush and water. Rinsing a partial before brushing it washes away bacteria and food particles. Commercial cleaning products are available, but avoid using toothpaste to clean partial dentures. When soaking dentures overnight, make sure water covers the partial completely.

Always follow directions carefully when using denture adhesives. When shopping for an adhesive, look for products with the American Dental Association seal of acceptance. For a product to earn this seal, the manufacturer must show that the adhesive does not harm dentures, that using the product increases denture retention, and that the product helps improve biting force.

Handling partial dentures carefully prevents costly damage. Fill the bathroom sink with water, or put a folded towel in the sink before removing a partial. Should the partial fall into the sink, the extra cushioning prevents damage. Anyone who wears a partial should continue visiting the dentist regularly. A dentist has the knowledge and expertise needed to identify and correct minor damage or recommend a replacement partial when it is necessary. Dentists can also offer advice on cleaning partial dentures and avoiding denture problems.