How Do You Take Care of Your Muscles?

care-muscles Credit: Lucy Lambriex/Moment/Getty Images

According to FTM Fitness World, proper care for muscles includes resting, stretching, massaging, proper breathing during exercise and drinking water. By performing proper muscle care, a person is less likely to suffer from injuries and avoid workout plateaus.

FTM Fitness World explains that a person must not focus on working out a single muscle group all the time. Allot a 48-hour rest period to avoid overworking the muscles. Furthermore, getting enough sleep every night is important because muscles develop and get rid of body wastes while a person is sleeping.

According to FTM Fitness World, a person must not only stretch before a workout, but instead perform stretching exercises everyday. Static stretches or those which involves holding the same position for 5 to 30 seconds are good for flexibility and for relaxing muscles. It is recommended to perform static stretches once or twice a day, but not before performing a workout. On the other hand, dynamic stretches are those which are performed before playing sports or weight lifting to improve performance, enhance blood flow and strength and avoid injuries.

FTM Fitness World explains that massage help muscles to recover and improve the range of motion, flexibility and muscle tone. Moreover, massage also aids in the removal of toxins from the body. Lastly, staying hydrated is important to regulate the metabolism, flush out toxins and energize the body.