What Care Is Involved for Someone Who Had Eye Surgery?


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Avoiding soap in the eyes, refraining from washing the face with tap water and wearing protective eyewear are some precautions to take after laser eye surgery, states WebMD. A few protective measures after cataract eye surgery include avoiding touching the eyes with dirty hands and getting enough rest, notes Healthline.

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Laser eye surgery patients should protect their eyes from contact with soap, tap water, shampoo and eye makeup products for a minimum of one week after surgery, advises WebMD. Products such as shaving creams and hair sprays should be avoided until the eyes have healed completely. Any hair treatments should be postponed for about two weeks after the operation.

Patients should avoid swimming pools and sauna steam baths for three weeks after laser surgery and wear doctor-prescribed shield goggles during sleep for at least a week. Those who engage in sports or exercise must wear protective eyewear for at least a month after resuming the physical activity. For those who live in bright sunny areas, wearing sunglasses for a year prevents eye scarring, states WebMD.

Cataract surgery patients should refrain from driving until the eye has healed completely and must wear black sunglasses whenever they go outside. In the absence of complications, it may take up to two weeks for the patient to fully recover, states Healthline. Eye bleeding, loss of vision and auras are a few symptoms that may indicate a severe complication, in which case patients must call their doctor right away.

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