How Do You Care for Your Feet If You Have Diabetes?


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As a diabetic, inspect the feet and toes every morning and evening, wash the feet daily, wear shoes and socks that fit well, and protect the feet from injury, according to WebMD. Wear shoes or slippers with hard soles and good support and socks or stockings at all times.

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Inspect feet for blisters, cuts or scrapes after a few hours of activity, such as hiking, running or skiing, suggests WebMD. Before wearing shoes, inspect them for foreign objects inside the shoes, such as pebbles or dirt. Also check for rough spots, torn lining, or objects pushing through the soles, such as tacks or nails. Break in new shoes slowly, wearing them for a few hours each day. Socks without seams are suggested. Wear protective beach or surf shoes when swimming, and wear shower shoes in public pools to prevent athlete's foot and other contagious conditions. Applying sunscreen to the tops of the feet protects them from sunburn.

Practice daily foot washing using warm, not hot, water and a mild soap, suggests WebMD. Following this, pat the feet dry rather than rubbing. Drying the skin between the toes carefully prevents the growth of bacteria or fungus that can lead to infection.

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