How Do You Care for the Enamel on Your Teeth?

care-enamel-teeth Credit: Aydan Mutlu/E+/Getty Images

To care for the enamel on your teeth, brush gently with a soft brush, avoid sugary and acidic foods, rinse immediately after eating such foods, and consume a calcium-rich diet. Additionally, use fluoridated toothpaste, keep the mouth moist, keep the mouth closed when swimming, get bulimia and heartburn treated, and avoid teeth grinding.

Brushing gently using a soft toothbrush reduces the erosion of enamel from the teeth. Preferably, brush with the toothbrush held at an angle of 45 degrees using short forward and backward strokes.

Sugary foods lead to acid production in the mouth. These acids along with those in acidic foods cause the enamel to become soft and erode. Examples of sugary and acidic foods that must be avoided include sticky candies, citrus fruits, tangy fruit juices and aerated drinks. If these foods are consumed, rinse the mouth immediately after eating or drinking to minimize the contact between acids and teeth enamel. However, brush the teeth only after one hour, since softened enamel is more prone to damage during brushing.

Similarly, swimming pool water that is not chlorinated properly, bulimia that causes people to vomit after eating and heartburn expose the teeth to acids. To prevent enamel erosion, keep the mouth closed when swimming, and treat heartburn and bulimia at the earliest. To avoid enamel erosion due to tooth grinding, use a mouth guard.

To strengthen the enamel, consume calcium-rich foods such as milk and milk products, and use fluoridated mouthwash and toothpaste. Drink lots of water to keep the mouth moist and clean. Chew gums that are sugar-free to keep the mouth salivated as saliva helps reduce enamel erosion due to acidic foods. Finally, visit the dentist regularly.