Who Are Some of the Best Cardiac Surgeons in the United States?


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As of 2013, some of the best cardiac surgeons in the United States include Thomas Bashore, M.D., Stuart Russell, M.D. and Eugene Braunwald, M.D. These surgeons are active in their field, comprise the top 1 percent of heart doctors in the United States and are associated with or work in highly ranked hospitals, the ACLS Training Center reports.

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Stuart Russell, M.D., ranked third at Johns Hopkins Hospital, treats patients with heart failure and specializes in transplant medicine, the ACLS Training Center reports. His expertise also includes mechanical circulatory support, cardiac catheterization, cardiovascular disease and heart disease, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. His research interests include investigating new therapies for patients with congestive heart failure and exercise physiology.

Thomas Bashore, M.D. has a wealth of experience spanning roughly 40 years, as of 2015. His specialty involves dealing with patients with complex cardiovascular problems, including valvular heart disease, adult congenital heart disease and myocardial disease, reports Duke University Health System. He also has numerous publications under his name, says the ACLS Training Center.

Eugene Braunwald, M.D., regarded by specialists as the father of modern cardiology, is a Harvard cardiologist with over 1,000 journal publications. He authored "Braunwald’s Heart Disease," a core text used in medical school, and Nobel Prize laureates admit he has made significant contributions to cardiology in recent years, according to the ACLS Training Center.

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